Thursday, February 21, 2013

Neiswander Family

Here is our quadrennial (yep, had to look that one up!) family photo shoot.  We tried to get a photographer to take them for us, but he was booked all fall, so we were on our own....with the help of a good friend to push the button!  Working on this post sure makes me miss my family.  We had a GREAT furlough.

Also, these pictures were thankfully taken shortly before my mom fell and fractured her neck.  She would never have agreed to family pictures with her neck collar on!  An update on her:  as of last week she has finally healed enough to wean herself, little by little, from her collar.  Thanks for everyone's prayers for her.  She was a real trooper and did well not complaining about it.  I wish I were more like that! 

My sister and her family: Jamie, Kristi, Kallie & Jessica, my parents: Ron & Fran and our family

The gradkids

Jessica and her boyfriend Matt (who was not planning on being in the pictures)

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  1. These are beautiful! Especially like the black and white one of the two of you in the barn -- but like them all really.... miss you!