Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day

Today was the first day of school at NSMS for our crazy kids!  We are now the parents of a 7th and 4th grade!  Crazy! 

Notice the double watches on Olivia.  1 is on Ecuadorian time and the other is on Swedish time in honor of her friend Miriam who moved back to Sweden!  So, Miriam - Olivia is thinking of you!!

And then there were two....we used to take 1st day photos with the other MAF kids....but now there are just two of them! 
Speaking of Nate Saint Memorial School...we are currently trying to raise money to update our computer lab.  If you or your church would be interested in taking part, please let us know!

Nate Saint Memorial School Computer Lab Update Project

The Nate Saint Memorial School would like to update the computer lab and classroom computers this summer in anticipation of next year. Our current bank of computers are sadly outdated and consist of machines seen below of differing generations and hardware. They are barely able to keep pace with current educational software demands and are difficult to maintain.

Therefore, we would like to replace them with a bank of "thin client" terminals running the latest educational and productivity software.  Our goal is to increase the size of our computer lab to 10 work stations and place a workstation in each of the 5 classrooms, library and principal's office.

Our budget is $12,000 and we would like to ask that you participate with is in funding this project.  Would you please consider helping to fund this project with a one time donation at one of the following levels?

$1000 (four are needed)
$500 (eight are needed)
$100 (twenty are needed)
$50 (twenty are needed)
$25 (forty are needed)

 How to Donate

 Electronic donations: (please follow this link)

Checks (may be sent directly to the following address. Please put project #91367 in the memo line:

Mission to the World
P.O. Box 116284
Atlanta, GA 30368-6284

All donations are tax deductible and go into a designated account for this project at my mission, Mission to the World.

Thank you,

Paul Barton, M.D.
Nate Saint Memorial School board president 2013-14

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  1. Cute hair, Olivia! How many students are in their classes?

    Congratulations on the first day of school to the last two MAF students standing!