Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friend or Family?

A few years ago we had the privilege to get to know a neat family from the US who were volunteering at the orphanage for a short time.  They even helped us move into our house without knowing us at all!  Every summer since that time, two or three of them have come back to work at the orphanage and we've enjoyed getting to know them.  This summer was a little different though.  Jessica emailed us to see if she could stay with us while she was here....for a mere 2 months!  If you ever have a house guest for 2 months, Jessica is the kind you want!  She was so easy.  She even has so many dietary restrictions (don't get me started!) that I didn't have to cook for her!  Jessica is hoping to become a pediatrician and is studying at Ohio State.  Pray with us that God would make His path clear to her and give her the strength to persevere in her studies.  So, after 2 months of living with the Irwins and seeing all of our "issues" - we can now call her part of the family!

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