Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hangin' with the Doctora

 Alas (Ecuadorian MAF) has a contract with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Health.  That means anyone who gets sick or injured in the jungle calls our hangar, via radio, and lets us know of the situation.  Because it is so difficult and costly to get out of the jungle, many patients may stretch the truth a bit, just to get a flight.  For that very reason we have a doctor stationed at our hangar.  She can decide what warrants a flight or not.   Doctora Gina has been in our hangar for many years and is part of our Alas family.  Lately she has been flying into the jungle to treat people, if there is more than one person needing medical attention.   She usually goes in to see 3 or 4 patients and ends up seeing 30!  You could keep Gina in your prayers as she keeps getting sick after these trips and we're not sure of her spiritual state. 

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  1. Great pictures as usual. I love the moths or butterflies.