Sunday, September 22, 2013


Sometimes life has a way of reminding you to pause and remember how you have been blessed.  This weekend has reminded me of not only that, but also how dangerous it is to fly over miles and miles of "broccoli".  Yesterday a pilot (with a commercial operator), who was flying out of a neighboring town, crashed, 3 passengers perished and the pilot's prognosis is hanging in the balance.  So far, we are unsure of what happened.  This is the 4th accident this month.  None of the others had fatalities and all were with other aviation companies.  With all of these accidents, it reminds me of how blessed we have been to be accident-free for so long and how our technicians are very capable, God-fearing men who strive to do their very best at their job.  Would you please remember to keep our MAF/Alas pilots and mechanics in your prayers as they work and fly in stressful environments all over the world?  Also, pray for this young pilot, who's life is quite fragile right now.