Friday, September 20, 2013

Becky's group

As I said in my last post, Becky DuBois spent a week with us this past summer.  She was able to come down because of some friends who invited her to help out at a Word of Life camp in Quito.  She came down a week early to spend some time with us, and we put her to work!  She was with us for a few days by herself, and then the rest of her team joined her to check out the sites of Shell.  With the skill the team brought we were able to use their help at the school putting in some drop ceilings, painting, and refinishing some shelves.  They were a huge help and we would gladly have them come back again!

Thanks Becky for sharing your photos!

Josiah was glad Becky visited - she brought him a new football magazine.

The classroom before we started.

My Dad, who was also here visiting.

Josiah planted a gift in Becky's bed.
Olivia and my Mom working on some "art".

Watermelon turtle!

Yep, it rains A LOT here!
Scraping and sanding the bookshelves.

Hanging the drop-ceiling.

Finished project!  This room will be the future computer lab.

The team with some of our Woarani friends.

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