Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Old Friend

Neil and Becky DuBois have been friends since our days at Moody Aviation in Tennessee.  Neil and Chad even shared an office space when they were both working at Moody.  They are the type of friends you call and say, "Let's put our leftovers together and have supper!".  We LOVE them and it's sad to live so far away from people you love.  So, you can imagine our excitement when Becky called to say she was offered an opportunity to work with a ministry in Ecuador for a few weeks this past summer.  Unfortunately Neil had too many other responsibilities to be able to join his wife.

Becky decided she would come a week early so she could hang-out with us a bit before she had to work.  When she first arrived she said she would love to go on a flight with Chad.  Chad very rarely has room on his flights for extra people - but wouldn't you know, he made it happen and Becky got to go on her very first day here.  God is good!  She took some great pictures of Chad that we don't normally have to share because he's usually the one taking the pictures.  Thanks Becky!

Chad & I with Becky

Are you thankful for your bathroom?

This is really what Chad does all day!

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