Thursday, January 30, 2014


The guys at the hangar have been ministering in a community, called Suraka, in the jungle, for the past year.  They have presented the Gospel to this village and in December they culminated the study with a celebration through baptisms and even a wedding ceremony.   You can read more about one of Chad's trip into Suraka HERE.

The neatest thing about this trip was quite personal to Chad.  For the past 9 months or so, a young man has been volunteering in the hangar.  Josue is in his 20's and has already completed his private pilot's license and is looking to continue his training.  He came to Chad, after having worked at Alas for a few months, with some questions.  He told Chad that his desire is to become an Alas pilot someday.  You see, he's worked for other operators and can see a difference in the way things are run and the way people at Alas treat each other.   Long story short, Josue started meeting with Chad for a weekly Bible study.  When the Suraka trip came up and baptisms were discussed, Josue came to Chad and asked if he would baptize him in the jungle!  What a HUGE answer to prayer!!  Josue is a super neat guy, who has a very genuine heart.  What a privilege that God has brought him into our lives!  Pray with us, for him, as he seeks God's will for his life.

Elsa (the hangar secretary), Dr. Gina (Ministry of Health doctor that works in the hangar), and Maggi (wife of an Alas employee).
William (hangar and grounds guy)

Maggi & Gina
Alas employees working on lunch.

Maggi, Juan (avionics), Richard (pilot) and Dan (pilot/regional MAF manager)

Dan & Josue

Wilson (hangar maintenance) and David (Alas boss)

Chad and David baptizing Josue.

David, Chad, Wilson & William


The marriage ceremony.

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