Monday, June 2, 2014

Water Projects

One of the great parts of flying with MAF is the fact that we get to work with so many other great ministries.   For years we've worked with HCJB's (Now called Reach Beyond) medical ministries.  Flying patients and doctors has been part of what MAF has done since the very beginning, but another ministry that Reach Beyond is becoming more and more involved in, is community development.  Eric and Wim are both civil engineers and they work in community development to help design and install clean water systems in jungle communities.  

Every couple weeks we fly them into the various communities where they work and pick them up a few days later.  A few weeks back they asked me to fly them to a couple communities and stay with them as they checked on some ongoing projects. 

Wim and Eric working to remove a water pump from a tank before repairs are made in the community of Inaywa.

With the tank under repair, the community members must walk to the spring for water.

Alex, Wim & Eric

Removing the solar panels that power the water pump.

Eric listening to questions from the community.

Wim explaining plans for the project in the community of Yampuna.

Wim and community leaders sign legal documents required for the project to begin in Yampuna.

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