Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chocolate Tour

The kid's school went on a field trip to a neighboring town, Misahuallí, to see how chocolate is harvested.  First we drove for 2 hours to the river, then we boarded canoes and went down river about 5 minutes, and then we broke into two groups.  My group did the chocolate tour first, while the other group hiked to the third tallest tree in Ecuador.  The day started out quite dreary and wet...but ended nice and sunny.

This is the cocoa pod that is filled with beans covered in a sweet pulp.

After removing the pulp from the beans, they then need to be roasted.

After the roasting, the shells need to be removed.

Olivia and some of her classmates - Erik, Seth and Joshua.

Taking the shells off.
Grinding the beans for hot chocolate. 

Enjoying the final product!

Josiah's class - Brooklin, AJ, Joelle, Karen, Josiah, Jonny, Mr. Umble, Tanner, Robby, Kevin.

The Hike.....did I tell you it was P O U R I N G for the first three fourths of our trip?!

Does this look like a trail to you??

Miss Hazlett....super happy about our "you might get a little muddy" hike!

Our group - Loren, Erik, Joshua, Skyler, Mary Kellen, Olivia, Libby, Vivi Kate, Katie, Natalie, Emily, Miss Hills, Seth, and in front - Miss Hazlett and Sra. Rocio.

When we were done, we were served lunch.  Fish steamed in leaves, tomato/onion salad, plantain & yuca.

Olivia kinda likes fish!
Kevin, Josiah, Jonny & Robby

Going home.

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