Sunday, July 20, 2014

Why Worry?

People have asked us over the years how long we are planning to live here in Ecuador.   We've always said until God tells us otherwise.  Well, we were sure He would tell us otherwise WAY before now, but here we are!  We were sure He would have us leave after this next school year when Josiah finishes 8th grade and there isn't a high school option for him here in Shell.   But, His ways are not our ways.  As we have been looking at what might be "next" for us, we haven't felt a peace about where to go or what to do.

In the midst of all that, we have been praying for a new airplane for the program here.  The airplane we've been praying for is a Quest Kodiak  ( and it comes with a hefty price tag.  Originally the Alas de Socorro board was looking at borrowing money to buy the plane.  We didn't feel good about going into that much debt and really felt if God wanted us to have this plane, He would make it happen.  So we waited.  Chad's desire was to be able to leave the program in a better standing for the future with this type of plane.   So, we waited some more.  Little by little money started coming in, but as we made it to $70,000 after a year of fund raising, we realized we were a LONG way from $2,000,000!  We started thinking that there was absolutely no way we would be able to have a plane in time for us to still be here and help with the transition.  But, once again, God answered with an "I got this".

The day we arrived back in Shell with the teens from Pleasant View Church (we'll post more about them later), Chad was asked to be on a Skype call at the hangar.  We thought it was a call with the MAF folks in Idaho who were just going to say hello since they were having their annual family conference.  We were told they were saying hi to all the programs MAF has around the world.  Chad was a little flustered because he wanted to spend time with our friends who had just arrived.  But, when Chad came back to the house he was out of breath and super excited.  He shared with us that the call was more than just a "hi", they were told, during the call, that some major donors had given money specifically for the Kodiak in Ecuador and were able to also put our name on one of the planes that is already in production, because the other prospective buyer backed out of the purchase!!   As Chad shared this with me, in front of all the teens, we both started to cry.  I'm sure they all thought we were crazy!!  It's just amazing to me that we can worry and worry about things and then God can just lay our desires right before us.  He is truly amazing!

ADSE Kodiak (waiting paint and a cargo pod) - photo by Ron Schmidt
We still lack about $400,000 to finish the campaign for all of the expenses to bring the airplane to Ecuador.  This money will help with training costs, transport, ferry flight, hangar and platform modifications, and on and on.   We're a little overwhelmed with all there is to do, now that the airplane is coming.  Pray for this last amount of money and for all of the details that need to be worked out. 

So, all of this means that we won't be changing locations as soon as we had thought....unless God shows us differently!  Chad will be in the US this fall for some training for the new plane and then he and another Ecuadorian pilot will fly it down.  Hopefully it will be operational by January 2015!   Please pray with us about Josiah's schooling for 9th grade.  His desire is to be in the US so he can play football.  But, he is OK with us staying here for at least that year and he could do on-line schooling for a year.  That's a huge change from when we first approached the topic!

An MAF Kodiak next to a Cessna 206 (like we are currently using here in Ecuador) in Indonesia.  (MAF photo)          

I'll leave you with one of my favorite music videos.  It makes me cry every time.  Because He is pretty great!


  1. Oh. My! This is wonderful news. Seeing the two planes side by side really helps.

  2. God is Good! I guess December's trip won't be our last trip to Ecuador after all.

  3. great post and news!! thoughts and prayers continue with you all and adse! blessings. /boli