Monday, April 13, 2015

It's Finally Happening!!

Chad is just now arriving in Idaho in preparation for the long awaited ferry flight of the new Kodiak airplane.  You can read about it in a previous post here.  He and another Alas de Socorro pilot, Daniel Soria, were supposed to leave Saturday night for the U.S., but their flight was canceled.  Thankfully they were able to fly last night.

Please pray with us that they will be able to get the plane loaded and ready to depart by tomorrow morning.  They lost some time due to their canceled flight and I know that has created some stress.  Also pray for great weather, ease in customs along the way and overall safety.

Their tenative schedule is:
Tuesday - Nampa, Idaho to McAllen, Texas
Wednesday - McAllen, Texas to Oaxaca, Mexico
Thursday - Oaxaca, Mexico to Panama City, Panama
Friday - Panama City, Panama to Latacunga, Ecuador

You can actually track them on their route by using this link:

Chad and Daniel - before the plane was done at the factory.

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