Thursday, September 24, 2015


I am behind...again!  My mom was waiting to see photos from the first day of school, and now I'm sure she has moved on and forgotten about them since I'm so tardy!

Josiah - 9th grade and Olivia - 6th grade  Their last first day at NSMS!

Also, I wanted to share a photo of our other two boys!  Did you know we had two other children?!

The guys in the hangar tease that Richard and Josue are Chad's sons because of him mentoring both of them.  We met Richard when we first moved to Shell and his family lived next-door to us.  We have watched him grow from a teen to a mature family man!  Josue started volunteering in the hangar right before we got back from furlough in 2012.  Josue came as a private pilot and we have seen him grow in many ways.  The most important being his walk with Christ.

We celebrated them both last month as Richard celebrated 3000 hours with ALAS and Josue became a commercial pilot.  What a blessing to see God work in both of their lives and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for them!

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