Monday, October 26, 2015

Join Us in Prayer

You may be tired of hearing about the Kodiak, but we have a big prayer request for you.  The Kodiak arrived at the end of April and since then we have been trying to get permission from the aviation authorities to actually fly it.  In the beginning they gave us permission for training flights, but now they are not even allowing us to do that. They keep coming up with new reasons why we can't fly yet and the list of requirements keeps growing. They are now saying that all of our pilots must be multi-engine rated to fly the Kodiak.  That's right, we have to have a license to fly planes with more than one engine, an airplane with one engine.  If it wasn't so frustrating it would be comical.  So, please pray that we will give this completely to the One who brought the plane here in the first place.  He has a purpose in everything and we can trust Him to work it out.  Please pray along with us that we can see that purpose as soon as possible!   People really do need the airplane and we are frustrated that we can't serve them with it.


  1. The Devil fights us at every turn. Praying the plane will be released from all red tape and be in the sky running errands for our Heavenly Father very soon!!!

  2. Prayers you get airborn quickly! How frustrating.