Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tena with Friends

So a bazillion weeks ago we were invited to go to Tena (1.5 hours from Shell) to Josue's grandparent's "finca." The purpose being to honor him as he had just completed his check-ride to become a commercial pilot and also to say thanks to us and a couple of other families who played a small part in his training.

The finca is very close to two rivers and it was fascinating to hear how people pan for gold in them.    Josue's grandpa grows lots of things on the farm, but the main thing he showed us was his cacao plants.  Interestingly enough the mayor a while back came in and decided to re-route the river, for whatever reason, and that caused Josue's grandpa to lose a bit of land and lots of cacao plants. But, there was nothing he could do.

Josue's family was super kind to us and we enjoyed getting to know them and see a bit of where he came from.  Can't wait to do it again!

Andi, Bailey, Aide (Josue's aunt) and Tracey


You suck on the seeds inside the cacao plant.  It has a sweet membrane around the actual seed and then they roast the seed to process it into chocolate.

Olivia, Josiah & Lydia

Josue's Mom


           Johan tried panning for gold, with no luck.   Nanki & David were just interested in swimming!

The sisters

Josue's cousins and mom

Johan & Elsa

Tracey & Beth
The "tubers"

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