Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Indian Pastors

Right after Chad got back from our summer vacation he had the opportunity to host two pastors from India.  They contacted us a few months back and really felt called to come to Ecuador and visit the site where the five missionaries were killed in 1956.  Chad got to spend several days showing them around and took them to the jungle, along with our two friends, Meniwa and Gilberto who acted as our guides and translators.  Chad was really challenged by the faith of the two Indian pastors, who spend up to 4 hours everyday in prayer.

The path from the runway in to the river is actually a road for some trucks that were brought into the village for a government construction project.  It sure makes the walk a lot easier.
Pastor Deevanaiah also preached (in his native language) to those who gathered under the roof of the basketball court to escape the rain. Then, Pastor Joshua translated to English, I translated to Spanish and Gilberto translated to Wao.  Kind of complicated!
We also stopped in Tiweano to visit with Dyowe who never ceases to amaze us with his energy and his walk with the Lord.

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