Saturday, April 30, 2016


With the earthquake a couple of weeks ago and a recent accident that took the life of a friend, it makes me think more and more about eternity.  If something happened to you today, do you know where you would spend eternity?  It took less than a minute for hundreds of lives to be wiped out in the earthquake here last week.  Do you think that's what those families had planned for their weekend?  We don't know what our future holds - but I am certain who holds my you?

When Chad was flying last week on the coast for earthquake relief, he had to overnight in another city.  He was on the 9th floor of a hotel when a 6. something aftershock hit and the building started swaying.  It's super easy for my mind to continually worry. Bad things always seem to happen to someone else, but what if they were to happen to me?  An earthquake could just as easily happen here in Shell, as it did on the coast.

I know I'm not the best with "words," but I've really felt that I needed to write something about this. Interestingly enough, as all this was happening around us, our family started a Bible study on Eternity by Francis Chan.  As I was writing this post, I tried to find a video link to the Eternity videos to share with you.  I couldn't find a free way to attach it (although you can find it through RightNow Media), but the first Francis Chan video I clicked on in YouTube was amazingly the exact topic I had been looking for.  I know not everyone is going to watch the video, and that's ok.  As missionaries our job is to share what we have and believe with others, but not to force it on them.  What kind of friend/missionary would I be if I didn't share with all of our friends, family, and readers just what we believe eternity holds for those who know Him and for those who don't?

"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."  Luke 21:28


  1. As as I read your blog I am so thankful you all are ok! And as I have studied Revelation this year in BSF, I have learned what I have known all along, but as I age, it has become more of a Rock to me. God is the one in control of my life. And no matter what goes on, He is there with me. I look not to man for my strength but to Him who strengthens me. Ps 46:1-2. Love you all! 😘

  2. Andi, so glad you wrote this. Good reminder to me; and yes, we need to be talking about this subject more with those around us.
    So sorry about your friend's accident and the loss for those near.
    Praying for you all there continually.