Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Here are some random pictures of life lately...

Olivia doing crazy stunts with her dad!

Our friend Gima lives in the jungle and she and her little girl Olivia came to visit.  We LOVE to watch baby Olivia grow.  It will be hard to say goodbye.

Gima, Olivia & Olivia
Baby Olivia checking herself out on the ipod.

There are about 5 MAF houses (now rented to other missionaries) close to us and we sometimes share time together.  We will miss this little community.
Neighborhood potluck

Our friend Maria is the best cook and we love spending time with her!  Olivia spent some time with Maria recently learning how to make ceviche with shrimp.  It's always soooo good.  Hopefully Olivia will remember how to make this when we move!

Maria & Josiah
Lunch with Maria

Andi, Maria & Olivia

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