Sunday, June 5, 2016

Compassion Camp

Have you ever done a job and it's taken forever and then realized you really weren't using the right tool?  In aviation there are a lot of specialty tools that are used for just one job.  They are expensive, but make a difficult job a cinch.  That's kind of what camp flying has been like for us in the past.  In years past, we worked so hard to get all the Compassion kids out for camp.  When you can only get 4-5 out at a time it really can take a while.  This year we were able to use the Kodiak for the first time.  The ability to get twice as many kids per flight and have a plane that flies faster was incredible.  It was like getting the perfect tool that was made just for the job at hand.   It was also so much fun to put the kids into the Kodiak for the first time.  In some cases it was the first time we had even landed in their community.

The other nice thing is that most of the campers are small.  If I had had more seats I could have fit 4-5 more passengers per flight.  
Lloyd Rogers (head of Compassion in the jungle) was able to go on one of the flights with me.  

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