Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Yosts

Sometimes people are impressed by the fact that we live in another country and speak a different language.  For us, it's normal and has been for a long time.  The people that impress us are the folks that live within the tribe and learn their language as well.  Such is the case with the Yost family.  Even though they don't live in the jungle anymore, they spent much of their lives there and are some of the few outsiders in the entire world that speak the Waorani language fluently.

Chad had the privilege of spending time with the Yost family as they visited many of the communities where they used to work as they renewed old friendships and encouraged believers.

Jim and Kathie as we arrived in Cononaco Bameno

The man standing behind Jim (in the photo above), hardly spoke a word, but he spent the entire afternoon standing behind Jim and never left his side.  It was as if he just wanted to be with his friend and acknowledge the many years of friendship between himself and Jim.

Jim and Chet being shown the Wao territory and how it is divided with the oil company and national park boundaries.

Here the group was being shown the spear used to kill a man in a neighboring community.  He was killed by a waring people group that have increasingly been hostile toward the Waorani.  

The decorations and serrations of each spear are the signature of the warrior that made it.  

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