Monday, August 8, 2016

Awards Night 2016

The end of the year awards night is always a fun night for all of the Nate Saint families.  Really it is. It's fun for the kids to feel pride in the work they've accomplished during the year.  We have been blessed beyond measure to have our kids at Nate Saint Memorial School.

Olivia's 6th & 7th grade class: Mr. Umble, Joshua Fogg, Skyler Williams, Erik Umble, Joshua Isbell, Natalie Umble & Olivia
Josiah's 9th grade class: Karen Isbell, Josiah & Jonny Umble
Olivia's class doing a drama about Paul's life.
Josiah's class and the kindergarteners performing a song.
Johnny and the kindergartners  

Mr. Umble's craziness!

Before school was out, the kids also participated in a cultural fair.

Josiah and his project on Turkey
Mika visited during the cultural fair.  We will miss her!
Olivia's Finland project

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