Thursday, August 4, 2016

School Olympics

The School Olympics are always a highlight for the kids at Nate Saint Memorial.  For our kids this last olympics was extra special.  They really don't get a lot of chance to compete, so the Olympics are always a fun way for the school to have fun and have some lively competition as well.  The teams were really close until the very end. It all came down to the tug of war and the red team just didn't have the weight/strength to get it done.  They still had fun making memories with their friends. This year Chad even got to attend the whole event, which has never happened due to hangar responsibilities.

Josiah "jumping the river"


Tracey and I with some sweet stripes!

Olivia "jumping the river"
Josiah in the 40m dash

9th and 10th graders - Robby, Kevin, Jonny & Josiah

Mr. Umble always does such a great job being in charge of the olympics.

I'm not sure why the red team lost the tug of war.  Look at the size of some of those beasts!!!

The "red" team - Olivia, Erik, Joshua, Karen, Jonny, Josiah, Abby, John Paul, Reece, Katie and David
Also, as part of the olympics and the presidential fitness program, the kids participated in a mile run.

1st grade and under.

Miss Meuser even showed up from the US to cheer her former students on!

Steve...being Steve

Birgit, Lindsay, Jessa, Bailey, Andi, Shari and Shari's brother Jared

Katie really does love me...she just doesn't like to have her picture taken with me...unless I force her!

Chad and the girls!  Olivia, Abby, Karen, Brooklin & Emily

Tanner, Kevin, Jonny, Josiah & Robby

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