Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kodiak Night Maintenance

So, for the next few days I am going to be playing blogging catch-up!  We are in the US, but I haven't had time to update the blog with everything that happened in the months before we moved.

Flying more hours in the Kodiak means more maintenance.  And just like pilots need training on a new plane, so too do the mechanics.  As our first big inspection came due, we knew we could use some help.  Thankfully one of our co-workers from the training department at our headquarters has tons of experience and was willing to come down and help our guys.  They worked long hours to take advantage of the time that Phil had to help us.  Here are some shots from one of those nights.  It was a great time for the guys to gain experience and understanding of the Kodiak and I think Phil might have enjoyed himself too.  We are thankful for all their work and the hours they put into making our fleet safe.

All lit up for the night shift

Here the guys are troubleshooting a flap sensor problem that only showed up once we started the inspection.  It had the guys scratching their heads, but they eventually figured it out and we haven't had any issues since.  

Juan (middle) is our avionics technician and he ended up doing a lot of the trouble shooting on the flap system.  He is a sharp guy and a great asset to the ADSE team.  

All the chrome and metal just looks better in black and white!!!

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  1. A true maintenance professional can hold the flashlight in his teeth without drooling on the work.