Friday, September 30, 2016

US happenings

The first two months in the U.S. have gone so fast.  We've hardly had time to sit down and process it all.  With a wedding in Florida and Chad working the week of the airshow in Oshkosh, we kind of felt like we were going to crash and burn.  Somehow we got through it and things have slowed down a little now.

We celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary in Jacksonville, FL where we attended the wedding of wonderful Ecuador friends.  

         Josué had never shot a handgun before, so Chad took him to the range on his wedding day. He needed to know how to defend himself from his new bride!!!

Here we are with our Ecuadorian son.  Josue and Bailey had a beautiful (but hot) wedding in Florida. 

We traveled up to Oshkosh to spend Saturday with Chad, who worked as an MAF representative/recruiter during the week long airshow. 

Yes, this happened.  Permit in hand, Josiah moved up to the Pilot in Command seat of the mini-van.  So far so good. 

We had to get one camping trip in.  Pretty hard to do with two a day football practices. 

Fun time in Idaho with crazy friends.  Greg is a realtor and we goofed off looking at homes that normal people like us (you know what we mean) could never even imagine.   

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