Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Visiting and being visited

Once we arrived in the U.S. from Ecuador, we spent a week in Idaho.  Our main purpose was to "de-brief" (no funny comments please) about our time in Ecuador.  A bonus was reconnecting with several families whom we served with in Shell.  The Egberth and Tacheny families were both doctor families at the Shell mission hospital.   The Egberths (from Sweden) were visiting the Tachenys in Walla Walla and drove over to Idaho.  The Olsons were both single nurses who met at the Shell hospital, while serving separately.  They have since married, moved to Idaho and had two kids.  Shari was a teacher at Nate Saint and happens to be from Idaho.  In Shell, we all enjoyed Sunday afternoon games of Ultimate Frisbee, so of course we had to schedule a game.   We all met and spent the morning playing and catching up on each other's lives.  The miracle is that no one got hurt!  That was not always the case in Shell.  Thankfully we always played with one or two doctors, a couple of nurses, and a surgeon.

All the kids with Shari.
Elias, Samuel, Josiah, Sam, Sydney, Olivia and Miriam

Sitting in the Olson's back yard shooting the breeze.

Luke and Andi with Rachel

The Ultimate field of battle.  It looks like Gabriela is about to score.

Mike and Heather enjoying lunch.

I'm not sure why we trust this woman with our kids?

The Egberths' continued their trip around the U.S. with a stop in Convoy.  

You have to take the Swedes to Pine Lake.  Fun!!!

Burgers and a sunny afternoon.  Good memories. 
Elias and Miriam stayed with us an extra week and a half.  Tincaps baseball game was a hit.  

Best friends.
Josiah took the girls for a BFF photo shoot.  

A really, really hard goodbye at O'hare.  

Right before the tears started to pour.  Good memories but hard to say goodbye.

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