Friday, March 3, 2017


Well it's almost spring and here we are writing about the fall.  Life does get in the way sometimes.  We loved spending the fall with family and enjoying things we didn't get to do in Ecuador.  Here are some highlights.  We stayed busy enjoying the sports seasons and both of us have tried our hand at substitute teaching at the kid's school.

The fall colors never get old and we were thankful for the change of season.

First day of school - Josiah-10th and Olivia-7th

You're never too old to ride in the combine with your dad!

Chad always enjoys playing famer with dad.  None of the stress of being a real farmer, but all of the fun of driving big toys around.  

The view from our apartment.

Chad and his subbing gig with junior highers on a field day!

Fun times with the Dunbars in PA.

We aren't the only photographers in the family.  Josiah captured this shot of his sister enjoying one of the last warm fall days.

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