Saturday, March 4, 2017


Josiah's dream, since he was first starting school, has been to play football.  He was able to get a taste of it during our furlough back in 2008, when he was a sixth grader.  Well, this past fall he got to experience high school football for the first time and he LOVED every minute.  Josiah (like all of us)can complain about a lot of things....but I can count on one hand the number of times he complained about anything football related, even two a days in August!  Practice started as soon as we arrived in Ohio in July and the season ran until late November.  Another bonus was that the talented team he was able to be a part of, went the furthest into tournament that they had ever gone.  He learned a lot and also learned he has a lot more to learn! He can't wait until next season, unfortunately it will be with a new team, at a new school!

Good friends, the Pinions, who joined the "Knight Train."  Sorry was the best I had!

Braving the cold! (Silvana....este era frio!!)

Last tournament game.

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