Monday, November 21, 2011

Ministry of Education Flight

A couple weeks ago, Chad was able to take three ladies, from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, on a flight to visit several jungle communities.  The purpose was to evaluate the needs at several jungle schools for building projects etc....  They spent about an hour at each community, so Chad took his camera along to take some photos.  The ladies were very happy that he had his camera, as their camera battery died after the first village, so Chad became their pilot/photographer.

Here are some pictures from the trip.

If you've eve complained about laundry day, this picture is for you!  Count your blessings.

Chad with his passengers and kids from Moretechocha

Please leave your boots outside the classroom, as it tends to be muddy!

Don't take my picture...are you still looking?

Chad's passenger posing at the last village.  Can you believe the younger girl is the boss.  The government is putting a lot of young people in positions of authority.  We think it's because they've been taught how to think and they'll be loyal to the government because of their position.

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