Wednesday, November 16, 2011

School Photos

We were privileged to be able to take photos for the school again this year.   There are 21 kids in grades 1 -7.   If you are a teacher and would like to step out of your comfort zone....we are always looking for you!

5th & 6th grade

Josiah's teacher, Mrs. Johnson, came only thinking that she would be teaching for the first semester.  But, we are hoping that she will be able to stay longer.  She has been a huge blessing - especially because Mr. Umble just recently returned after his medical leave. 

Josiah grade 5

1st & 2nd grade

Olivia's teacher, Mrs. Martin, actually has her doctorate in biochemistry.  Last year she filled in for Mr. Umble and liked teaching so much, she decided to come back for more!

Olivia grade 2

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