Friday, December 9, 2011

Jandiayaku Trip

If you remember, Chad was able to spend the night in the jungle village of Maseramu a month ago for a time of teaching.  (You can catch up on that story here, here, here and here.)The sister community to Maseramu is called Jandiayaku and this village was his next stop.  On this trip he was able to take one of our pastors again, Wilson and his wife, Maggie, was also able to go.   Mattias Egberth was also able to go along.  Mattias is a surgeon from Sweden who works at the HCJB hospital.  Mattias is also the same surgeon who may, or may not have been involved in my ankle spraining incident!  ; )   Ok, at least we like to tease him and say it was his fault!

Here are some photos from the trip...

Wilson is on the right.

Maggie is standing.

Can you tell it's hot?!


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