Friday, March 2, 2012

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is one of the worst things about serving as missionaries.   As we complete our 10th year in Ecuador, we sometimes feel like we just get to know a "new" family and then they move on. So, today we say goodbye to our good friends the Tachenys.     Mike and Heather are both family practitioners who have served with HCJB here in Shell and also Malawi, Africa along with their kids Sydney and Sam.   It's especially hard when our kids are sad to see their friends go too!  What a great family!!!

The Tachenys are the type of friends that you can call up to share Papa Johns pizza, (we were able to order from Quito and have it brought back on an emergency flight).  Yep, think of us suffering here in the jungle with no Papa Johns close by!

They are also the type of friends who bring you "buckeyes" in exchange for pizza, because they know you're from Ohio!

 They are the reason behind the new Ultimate Frisbee addiction in the Irwin house too!  Every week we play we realize how old we are getting!  There are always new aches and pains! It's good that most of the other players are doctors or nurses.

We play....rain or shine! 

Sam ready to knock the wiffle ball out of the park!
Sydney and Olivia hamming it up for the camera.
Thanks for the memories Tachenys!

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