Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Right after we got back to Ecuador a church work team arrived.  They were from Pleasant View Baptist Church, which is funny because this is the exact name of our home church in Ohio.   This group comes from Maryland and they wanted to minister to several different ministries located in Shell. 

First of all they worked at the Casa de Fe orphanage.  Then they came to our hangar for a very neat foot washing service.  They wrote to us ahead of time and got the shoe size for every single person that works in our hangar.  Then they bought shoes to bring down.  I (Chad) translated as they shared from the Gospel about Jesus washing the disciples feet.  Then afterwards they washed everyone's feet and put on a brand new pair of shoes.  The entire hangar was touched by their thoughtfulness and their willingness to serve us.  Here are some pictures from that morning.

Elsa our secretary and my Ecuadorian mom

David, one of the airplane mechanics

David our director and Angel, one of the contractors

   The following weekend the group volunteered to help out with a "minga" or group workday at our church.  Along with the majority of the church, we worked on the new church property.  It was a lot of muddy work, but everyone did it with a smile.   When you're working with Waorani you can't help but smile, because they just crack up about anything.  You also need to be willing to laugh at yourself, because they will if you don't.   We had fun and actually got some work done at the same time.

   Here are some pictures of some of the church members and the work team working to dig a ditch to drain a low lying area on the edge of our property. 
Gilberto and Jairo

Ariel and his friend

We could've used 20 people just like Norma - that girl can work!




Reynaldo our pastor

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