Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PVC #2

One of the first stops for the Pleasant View church team was a flight out to Tiwaeno.  It was fun to give them a glimpse into Chad's job and always fun to spend some time with the people of Tiweano. 

Craig getting his crown.

Cora getting her face painted.

Richard learning to weave.

Can you tell we thought she was pretty cute?!!

Olivia and friends.

Steve trying out the blow gun.

Steve giving Olivia pointers.

Josiah showing off his skill with the blowgun. See the dart in the fruit?

Josiah & Ethan

Obe, Robyn and Vicky

Dyuwe and Steve

Chad, Menkaye & Richard with their MAF hats on...thanks to Gene Jordan!

Obe and Olivia

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